Sometimes, your data is too complex for traditional statistics. Working with BioRankings™ can help turn that data into actionable results.



Microbiome studies produce lots of data, and getting a microbiome product to market requires a high level of understanding of how that data can be used to fuel the research. BioRankings™ steps in where bioinformatics alone can't provide the answers needed and brings statistical rigor to microbiome data analysis. Collaborating with BioRankings on your microbiome data provides you with accurate, reproducible analyses.


Investing in pharmaceuticals or biotechnology can be risky because of the unpredictability of clinical trial outcomes. In addition to the rigorous due diligence you do with the company and financial data, looking closely into the scientific data can reduce investment risk. BioRankings™ works with your investment team to dig into available data sources and determine the likelihood that the trial can reach statistical significance.


Current approaches for analyzing connectomes use ‘off-the-shelf’ statistical methods not optimized for this type of data. This can often lead to spurious results and suboptimal analyses. BioRankings™ collaborates with R&D teams to analyze your fMRI research data for translational medicine, developing new analytical methods and writing software as needed. Working with BioRankings gives you fresh insight into your data, while improving your biomarker discovery pipeline and identifying possible drug targets for clinical treatment.


Collaborate with the experts in complex data analysis. Your data is a valuable resource, and working with a partner in statistical analytics will ensure it can give you the knowledge you need. Incorporating the most accurate and efficient statistics for your data is more than just an afterthought. BioRankings™ works collaboratively with companies at all stages in their pipeline, from strategic planning, to study design, to statistical computing. We are committed to working with our clients at all stages, from the first time a project is thought of, to when a client brings their results to an investor or the FDA.


The mission of BioRankings™ is to help our clients focus on the statistical factors in their research, to analyze their data using the best existing methods for the type of data generated, and develop new methods for their unique data analysis challenges. BioRankings’ scientists and software engineers are passionate about making an impact on translational clinical research by developing and applying advanced statistical methods and software for complex data.


Bill Shannon, PhD, MBA

Founder and Managing Partner of Analytics

Bill has over 25 years of experience developing analytical methodology for complex and big data in biomedical R&D. He started BioRankings™ in 2014 to work on a broader range of industry projects, and has grown the company to support a staff of dedicated and knowledgeable employees. In his capacity as a Professor of Biostatistics in Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Bill focuses on statistical methods grants in emerging areas of medicine, and works with researchers when there are no known statistical methods for analyzing their study data. As with his university collaborators, Bill acts as a partner with all his industry clients, and works to communicate results and their implications to both business executives and scientific researchers. Dr. Shannon earned his PhD in Biostatistics at the University of Pittsburgh in 1995, and completed his MBA at Washington University in St. Louis Olin School of Business in 2012.

Ally McClure

Managing Partner of Operations

Ally brings critical expertise in company operations, project management, strategy, and data management/regulatory compliance to BioRankings™. She uses her expertise to strengthen the company internally, and also strives to make BioRankings a leader in the specialty analytics space. Her interactions with clients and the entrepreneurial community at large contribute significantly to the growth and sustainability of BioRankings. Ally is co-PI on BioRanking Phase I SBIR grant in microbiome software development, and contributes to writing and managing all grant and contract funding sources. She has a BS in Business Administration from University of Missouri, St Louis.

Elena Deych

Director of Analytics

Elena has over 17 years of experience working in all stages of biomedical studies in both academic and business environments. She has expertise both with the traditional statistical methods as well as development of novel methods. As the former director of Bill's Washington University School of Medicine lab, Elena gained valuable experience of training and managing junior staff members and interacting with clients and collaborators, as well knowledge and experience on working with large, novel data sets applying wide range of statistical methods. She takes a hands-on role with client projects, managing deliverables, providing advice on study design and data management, analyzing data, preparing reports, and ensuring that clients get the best analyses for their data. Elena has worked and published in diverse areas, from pediatrics and infectious disease, to microbiome and actigraphy data. Elena holds an MS degree in Biostatistics from Columbia University School of Public Health.



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