BioRankings® works with industry and academia to provide brain imaging experimental design and biostatistical analysis, and support the discovery of biomarkers and identification of possible drug targets for clinical treatment.

BioRankings’ services in functional MRI (fMRI) brain connectomes include:

  • Using probability models to formally test based on P value criteria, if brain connectomes (images) are the same or different across subject groups allows investigators to objective decision making as to whether the brain connectivity patterns across groups show differences at the population level that might be leveraged for treatment options or biological understanding of disease mechanisms
  • Advanced methods of cluster analysis to identify subgroups of subjects based on differences in brain connectivity, allowing investigators to develop personalized medicine treatment options for distinct patient subgroups who may respond to interventions differently
  • Data mining to identify which brain connections differ across patient subgroups, allowing investigators to study the neurobiology of brain disorders in detail, and identify possible biomarkers for diagnosis, progression, and treatment response.


BioRankings’ team are experts in fMRI connectomes and clinical data analysis. Our support for your project team contributes to the project’s success, especially with the novelty of fMRI use in therapeutic development. As treatments that are developed using connectomes start to go under regulatory scrutiny, strong statistical arguments could mean the difference in approval. With BioRankings, you get expert, collaborative consultants that will work closely with your team to ensure the best statistical methods are used for your data.


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